When you've been around for more than 50 years, you learn a few tricks

Established way back in 1961 we've seen our fair share of changes in the motor industry and on the Isle Of Man.

In the Summer of 61'...

Mylchreests Group begins trading. Specialising in cars produced by the British Motor Corporation. Brands such as Austin, Morris, Riley, MG and Wolseley.

Mylchreests Group

Roads Open!

Mylchreests are invited to provide the Roads Open car for the world famous TT Races.

Brian Mylchreest with a Mini Cooper prototype tested on the TT course
Brian Mylchreest with a Mini Cooper prototype, which was tested on the course.

Branching out in 63'

Mylchreests Airport Garage established in Castletown, selling Austin cars and operating the Company’s car hire business. And in 1963 the company proudly opened its doors in Ramsey.

Mylchreests Group

The Best of British

By the Summer of 1969 Mylchreests had been awarded a local distributor franchise for both Jaguar and Land Rover.

Mylchreests Group

Keeping it in the Family

A year of change. Not only does David Mylchreest become Sales Director, the group is awarded the Rolls Royce/Bentley franchise.

Our New Home

In 2001 the entire sales and service operation is moved to our new purpose built home in Douglas.

Mylchreests Group

Moving with the Times

In 2008 James Mylchreest takes over as Aftersales Director and 7 years later in 2015 David’s youngest son becomes a non-executive director. Just in time to see the Vauxhall franchise come on board and to welcome Subaru in 2018

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